Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bismark Palm

Bismarckia nobilis (Silver)

How to do justice to this magnificent palm in just a few words? The Bismarck Palm has a full crown of large, silvery-blue, circular, fan-shaped leaves and a tall, columnar trunk. In seedlings and young plants, the leaves are tinged with an unreal purple-red color. Bismarckia develops fairly quickly into a large and stunning tree that is excellently suited for the subtropical or tropical garden, for parks, and for breathtaking avenues. It is tolerant of drought and a few degrees of frost and wants a place in full sun, such as it enjoys in the highland savannas of its native home of Madagascar. 

Bismarckia nobilis (Silver)

Need up to 3 months for seeds to sprout.

Soaking the seeds seem to speed up the germinating process.Place the seeds in a galoon pot in a shady spot. With regular waterings and kept moist, the seeds should germinate in no time. The Bismarck seeds are average to germinate, but once they germinate you have to pay close attention to them... The first root that emerges from the seeds grows very large. Germinating in a deep pot would be the best way to germinate the Bismarck seeds without disturbing the root system once it starts to grow.

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